Class Policies

Student Academic Responsibilities

  • Purchase the assigned textbook. Spend three (3) to eight (8) hours per week (depending on your English level skills) reading and studying the assigned material
  • Bring your textbook to every class. We will study from the textbook. There are no slides for this class.
  • I strictly enforce a zero-tolerance cheating policy. Students who are caught looking at another student’s paper during an exam will receive an automatic zero (0) for that exam. This is your only warning.
  • Your course grade is based on a 50-question multiple choice midterm exam (45%) and a cumulative 50-question multiple choice final exam (55%). All exams will be curved to a normative average of 60 out of 100 points. No other points will be awarded.
  • Cheating attempts are strictly prohibited. If you are caught trying to cheat on an exam, you will receive an automatic grade of zero. No exceptions.

Student Etiquette Responsibilities

  • Class lecture begins promptly at the start of the hour. You must attend class on time.
  • Students are expected to turn off their cell phones before entering the classroom and then deposit them in the provided basket on the teacher’s desk. If a cell phone is seen on or a student’s person or if a student’s cell phone makes a sound (ring tone or vibration) during our scheduled class time, that student will lose ½ point per incident off their final course grade. Students who continue to talk to their neighbor after being asked once to stop talking will lose ½ point off their final grade. Students can lose up to 10 points per semester for disrupting the class (five regular points plus the five bonus points).
  • Attendance will be taken at exactly 10 minutes after the start of class. If you are not in class when I call your name, you will be marked absent. No exceptions. If you are present for attendance and then permanently leave the classroom before the end of class, your presence will be changed to an absence. Do not line up at the end of class to explain why you were late.
  • Do not call me before class to advise that you will be absent during class and ask that I mark you as present because you have a good reason for not attending.
  • You must provide the instructor with your undivided attention. Cross-talking with other students and using cell phones are strictly prohibited during class time. Cell phones may not be in public view during class time. I will stop lecturing if a) students are conversing with each during class while I lecturing; b) I see a cell phone in public view, students are using or otherwise checking their cell phones, and c) students are staring out the window. Students who continue to display poor classroom etiquette will lose points off their final grade.
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